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Pound Rises Against Euro as Recovery Optimism Gathers Momentum

April 24 (Bloomberg) — The pound rose against the euro for the fifth week in six as data indicated the recovery from Britain’s worst recession on record is gathering momentum and the Bank of England may move to withdraw stimulus measures.
The pound also advanced against the Japanese yen as reports showed mortgage approvals rose more [...]

China currency move a matter for medium-term – IMF

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – China recognises the need to let its currency appreciate for the good of its domestic economy but the move will only come in the “medium term”, the International Monetary Fund’s Asia director said on Saturday.
IMF Asia Director Anoop Singh told Reuters that China and other export-focussed Asian countries have been compelled by [...]

Eight of the 10 best-performing currencies are from emerging markets

NEW YORK TRADERS in currency options are showing that emerging economies have become safer relative to developed nations than at any time in almost two years.
Three-month implied volatility for the seven biggest developing country currencies fell to 10% in March compared with 11.4% for industrialised nations, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co indexes. The gap [...]

IMF chief keeps up pressure on China to let yuan rise

International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn on Tuesday again urged Beijing to let the yuan rise “sooner rather than later”, saying it would benefit both China and the global economy.
“The renminbi (yuan) is undervalued. It’s not only in the interests of the global economy but also in the interests of China to have a revaluation,” [...]

China rounds on U.S. rates as global economic risk

BEIJING (Reuters) – Ultra-low interest rates in the United States are fuelling speculation in overseas asset markets and threatening the global economic recovery, a senior Chinese official said on Sunday.
In unusually blunt criticism of U.S. monetary policy on the day that President Barack Obama arrives in China for a visit, Chinese banking regulator Liu Mingkang [...]

Dollar Could Surprise In 2010

The dollar/euro rate has surged from a low of around 1.25 in early 2009 to over 1.50 today, almost regaining its 2008 peak and renewing speculation that the dollar is facing sustained devaluation. While this cannot be ruled out, and the dollar faces formidable short-term pressure, there are good reasons to expect a rally over [...]

China won’t sell dollars to buy gold

DUBAI Commodity Online: China is on a gold buying spree these days to ensure that the country overtakes the United States in gold reserves.
China, which is “underweight” on gold holdings, will increase buying as the economy expands, said Jeffrey Rhodes, chief executive officer of INTL Commodities DMCC. China’s 1,054 tons of gold represents less than [...]

Economist: Dollar decline is overblown

From The Economist on the worries over the recent dollar’s decline…
Dollar declinism is overblown. It exaggerates the scale of the slide and misunderstands its cause. Much of the recent weakness simply reverses the earlier safe-haven flight to dollars, a sign of investors’ optimism about riskier assets rather than their fears about America’s currency. On a [...]

Long Term Currency Charts

You can easily get long term charts of various currency exchange rates from Livecharts.
To go straight to the charts, click these:
GBPUSD (how many dollars in a pound)
EURUSD (how many dollars in a euro)
EURGBP (how many pounds in a euro)

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