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Chinese demand for platinum ‘to hit record high’

Chinese demand for platinum jewellery is soaring towards a record annual high thanks to a sharp drop in the precious metal’s price, leading metals group Johnson Matthey forecast on Tuesday.
In a key report on platinum, Johnson Matthey said the metal would trade between 1,280 and 1,550 dollars an ounce during the next six months — [...]

Silver all set to outshine gold in 2010

Silver may yet outshine gold in 2010 as spot prices for the white metal respond to the prospect of a surge in industrial demand. With a little additional help from investment demand, silver may even rally into the $25 an ounce range.
So says Chintan Parikh, a commodity analyst at the CPM Group – a leading [...]

A fund to invest directly in Gold, Silver & Platinum

Castlestone Aliquot Precious Metals
“Aliquot Precious Metals gives investors direct exposure and entitled ownership of Gold Bullion, Silver and Platinum which is held by the Custodian (HSBC Bank USA) in London. Independently administered by Circle Investment Support Services, B.V. Precious Metals are a store of value. Their unique qualities allow them to perform an invaluable hedging [...]

Fidelity EMEA fund manager talks up platinum as alternative hedge to gold

Investment house Fidelity has been talking up the merits of platinum as an alternative inflation hedge. The group’s EMEA Fund manager, Nick Price, said that an imbalance between supply and demand could make platinum a more attractive proposition to investors than gold and therefore a better inflation hedge.
Both platinum and gold are positively correlated to [...]

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