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Successful long term investors:

  • don’t care what the markets did last week, and aren’t worried about what will happen next week;
  • know and exploit the power of compound growth over time;
  • understand about investor psychology – both their own, and that of the herd;
  • never believe so-called experts who say they can time the market;
  • accept and manage the balance between risk and reward;
  • make their own investment decisions, detached from the markets manic fluctuations;
  • pay an interest in global economic, market, and business news;

I am an independent financial advisor, living south east Asia.  My job is to help people plan for their financial future – usually by being better long-term savers and investors.

That means taking a long term view on life’s objectives – whether that is being able to afford to enjoy your retirement, saving enough to put your children through university, or perhaps building the resources to start your own business.

My clients are predominantly expatriates, based all over the world.  I find that expats, more than the general population, have a global perspective on financial matters, and a realistic (non-rosy) expectation about how well their government is going to look after them in retirement.

A generation ago, our fathers would work to age sixty-five and then expire after just a handful of years as a pensioner.  Today, many people want to retire in their fifties, and plan for twenty years or more of enjoyable and active retirement.  My clients realise that there is only one person with responsibility to make that financially possible – themselves.

The purpose of the Offshore Capitalist is to help me communicate with my clients, on some of the financial news that I think might be useful to know.

Important note: I post articles that might be interesting, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with anything here.  Very often I’ll post something because I disagree, and it’s always healthy to get opposing opinions.

If you find Offshore Capitalist useful, or perhaps would like to make comments of suggestions, then please do drop me line.

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