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An ETF to track global agribusiness – Powershares Global Agriculture (PSGA)

Invesco Powershares Global Agriculture is an ETF domiciled in Ireland with a principal listing on the London stockmarket. As of 17-Dec-09, the fund has delivered almost 70% performance year-to-date in US dollar terms.

The fund replicates the NASDAQ OMX Global Agriculture Index, which track the performance of the largest and most liquid companies engaged in agriculture and farming related activities.  The objective of the PowerShares Global Agriculture NASDAQ OMX Fund is to provide investors with investment results which, before expenses, reflect the performance of the NASDAQ OMX Global Agriculture Index in US Dollar terms.

The NASDAQ OMX Global Agriculture Index is a modified market-capitalization weighted index. The value of the Index equals the aggregate value of the Index share weights, also known as the Index Shares, of each of the Index Securities multiplied by each such security’s Last Sale Price1, and divided by the divisor of the Index. The divisor serves the purpose of scaling such aggregate value to a lower order of magnitude which is more desirable for reporting purposes. The Index began on July 28, 2008 at a base value of 250.00.   Click for: Index Methodology.

The sales flyer states the following information:

  • Growth in emerging market middle classes and rising demand for protein and complex foods has led to an increase in investment opportunities in the global agriculture sector.
  • According to World Bank estimates, the global middle class will represent more than one billion people by 2030, with 44% of that total living in India or China.
  • While solar, geothermal, nuclear and wind energy are gaining popularity and driving the clean energy space, bio fuels are becoming more and more important as well.
  • The PowerShares Global Agriculture NASDAQ OMX Fund is globally diversified. It invests in six continents, 25 countries and 84 stocks.

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Click for: Powershares Global Agriculture Factsheet

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