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Skandia survey suggests continued confidence in offshore products

In a recent survey conducted by Skandia International of nearly 700 advisers – 300 overseas and 400 in the UK – around 80 per cent agree that consumer confidence in offshore products remains high. Some 79 per cent of advisers in the UK believe investors remain confident in offshore investment or are unaffected by the recent scrutiny, with 83 per cent of overseas advisers holding this view.

Some 21 per cent of advisers in the UK and 17 per cent overseas believe their clients are nervous about offshore products in the current market.

Skandia said given the international focus on the industry this is encouraging for financial advisers globally. It added that this level of confidence indicates that international investors continue to view offshore investment products as a valuable and essential tool in their financial planning, despite increased attention to on the offshore financial industry since the early days of the current recession.

This has specifically related to the collapse of a number of international financial institutions. Questions have been raised about the transparency of the industry with criticism of certain offshore bases and certain types financial products.

Meanwhile the British government has decided to claw back £50m in annual tax revenues from the Isle of Man from next year, and Jersey and Guernsey are coming under similar scrutiny as European governments step up pressure on tax havens to safeguard national tax revenues.

via Skandia survey suggests continued confidence in offshore products | Trustnet Offshore.

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