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A fund to mirror the Guinness family wealth management

The Iveagh Wealth Fund is a multi-asset balanced managed fund from the team that manages the wealth of the Guinness dynasty.

“The Iveagh Wealth Fund replicates in unitised format the asset allocation service we provide for our family office clients, which include key members of the Guinness family.

“It targets a return of approx. 10% p.a. Iveagh’s sophisticated portfolio optimization and asset allocation techniques are used to achieve this objective with minimal risk.

“The fund gives exposure to all major asset classes, worldwide. Making extensive use of ETFs Exchange Traded Funds to obtain maximum diversification at minimum cost, it is suitable as a standalone portfolio, or as the core to an integrated investment strategy.

“It is a UCITS III fund with UK distributor status on certain share classes, thus eligible for UK CGT tax treatment. Although designed for long term investors, it offers the flexibility of daily dealing.”



Click for: Factsheetsource. Morningstar performance (ISIN: IE00B3CLDS01). Trustnet performance.

via – The Iveagh Wealth Fund.

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