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A fund to invest in a basic human need: Food

DWS Global Agribusiness

“That’s not new, but our idea to invest along all parts of the agribusiness chain is unique. We are the first to look all the way from the farm to fork. The global agribusiness industry is one of the fastest growing market segments and the potential of this global megatrend is enormous.

“As the global population continues to grow, so will the demand for food. However, due to diminishing water resources, unplanned urbanization, and the effects of growing affluence in the emerging markets, the amount of arable land available is set to decline steadily. In order to meet these challenges and keep pace with the demand, higher efficiency in food production is imperative. This necessitates improved farming methods, biotechnology and use of agrochemicals to increase yields as well as quality and resistance of food crops.”

Click for: factsheet; source, fundcentreMorningstar performance (ISIN: LU0264451831)

via DWS Investments International :: DWS Global Agribusiness.

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