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Sell bonds to hold cash and equities, urges Barclays star

Tim Bond, the Barclays Capital fund manager and head of asset allocation, is warning investors that the market risk is on the upside.

Bond, who in the past two years made the right call on the credit crunch and the equity rally which begun in March, said that even his own overtly bullish expectations are being surpassed. As a result, he is now fearful that if the recovery overshoots, the government support may be scaled back.

Bond said: ‘The key risks seem skewed towards the recovery proving stronger than even we are anticipating, resulting in an early shift away from easy policy settings. The net result of this outlook is that we advise reducing bond exposure in favour of a cash-equity barbell.’

Bond expects a symmetrical recovery in many sectors of the economy, with the exceptions of the US Labour market and the household savings rates.  He also assumes the slow closure of the output gap will see official rates in the US remain unchanged until next September, and in Europe until 2011.

‘Such conditions – strong growth and easy monetary policy – are typically and unsurprisingly very bullish for financial assets, equities and emerging markets, in particular.  However, we would readily acknowledge that history suggests considerable upside risk to our nearby growth forecasts, with a more symmetrical recovery a plausible outcome.’

via Sell bonds to hold cash and equities, urges Barclays star | Fund Selector | Citywire.

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